The more reliable, more flexible, more secure hotel casting solution…

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Seamless home entertainment in the comfort of your hotel rooms

With state-of-the-art cloud-based software eliminating the need for on-site servers, Nevaya is the smarter way to install Google Chromecast and transform your guests’ in-room experience. 

Improve guest satisfaction

Your guests want to watch their own content. They already use streaming services on a daily basis. Nevaya helps you give your guests a super-reliable, super-easy way to stream their own shows directly to your in-room TVs.

No app sign-ins. No logging into hotel TVs. No hassle.

Boost brand engagement

Nevaya lets you promote your brand straight from your in-room TVs, and can integrate seamlessly with your existing hotel apps and property management system. Control and customise every Chromecast in your hotel group at the click of a button, and keep your guests entertained and engaged.

Because when they spend more time in your room, they’ll spend more on your services and upgrades.

Transform guest experiences

As the only fully integrated, server-free SaaS platform, Nevaya syncs in seconds and scales instantly across your entire hotel group to deliver a better digital stay for all your guests. They control their own content straight from their phone, alongside additional in-room services as part of Nevaya’s extended ecosystem.

And you create a flawless, unrivalled digital guest experience. Every time.

See why Nevaya is the only Chromecast solution approved by Google for the hospitality industry


Eliminate on-site servers

Minimise downtime

Install in seconds

Secure streaming

Easy to maintain

How does it work?


Plug-in Chromecasts into HDMI ports

Installation of each device in each hotel room takes just seconds, with all Chromecasts pre-configured with our state-of-the-art software.


Connect to Nevaya’s cloud-based software

Using your hotel’s Wi-Fi network, we connect every device to a single dashboard, where you can monitor status, track usage and remotely update wherever required.


Link guest devices with one simple QR code

When a guest enters your hotel room, they simply scan a QR code on the TV to connect their device in seconds. They can cast the streaming content they’d like, and still use their phone or tablet any way they want.


Replace premium channels and unreliable TV software

With a minimal upfront investment and greatly reduced operating costs, casting with Nevaya is the smarter, more cost effective, more secure in-room entertainment solution..


Increase guest revenue

When your guests can watch the content they love, via a simple, seamless experience, they’ll keep coming back. Satisfaction increases. Positive reviews increase. Recurring revenue increases.

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest hotel groups

Upgrade your in-room entertainment and enhance your guest experience today.

Speak to our team today to find out how fast we can install the only secure, reliable and highly effective hotel casting solution that’s approved by Google.