Your guest technology is better in the cloud.

The hospitality SaaS platform for Casting (certified by Google), TV, WiFi & Mobile. Easier for your hotel brand. More enjoyable for your guests.

Hundreds of hotels use Nevaya. Some of the customers who trust our platform:

“As the only multi-tenanted SaaS platform in the market, Nevaya are years ahead of their competitors, but what has been most impressive is their aftercare and continuous product innovation”

Robert Henderson – CIO, Doyle Collection

Ready to go in a couple of hours.

Easy to implement, Nevaya’s cloud platform can be setup for an entire property fast, without disrupting your guests.

Centralized control of every property.

Casting, TV, WiFi & mobile guest experience can be managed at both central and localized levels, to ensure reliable consistency across multiple properties.

Constantly evolving guest experience.

The platform that keeps giving. Nevaya don’t just keep up with the latest trends – we create them, so you stay ahead of the game with happy loyal guests.

Take control of your guest technology.

Book a consultation with one of our experts to review your current setup. Learn new ideas and trends to improve efficiency for your business whilst enhancing guest experience.