perfect wifi coverage - guaranteed.

As experts in providing technology for hoteliers, Nevaya have been installing broadband internet for the hospitality industry since 2003. We currently deliver perfect coverage to over 20,000 rooms with our cloud-based wifi technology.


cloud technology for complete control.

In exclusive collaboration with Ruckus wireless, our product offers tight integration with Ruckus wireless systems. Our clients also benefit from our comprehensive guest support service, including emergency on-site cover for total reassurance.


  • enhance guest experience with conference bandwidth configuration
  • cloud-based technology for reliable connection
  • view the health status of your network at any time for total reassurance


  • review guest usage statistics and insights
  • obtain valuable guest login data for your business

simple installation.
easy to use.

  • cloud-based technology for affordable installation without the need for a ruckus zone director
  • easy to use system management


  • customised guest interface to mirror your brand
  • control your bandwidth per guest device
  • create tiered services for premium fast-access and optional revenue opportunities.
  • customised control to save money on bandwidth costs

read a case study

case study.

In 2016, Nevaya delivered a full WiFi installation package, servicing 4,500 rooms across 26 sites for UK hotelier group, Q-Hotels.

Within 2 months of installing Nevaya WiFi for QHotels, the BDRC guest satisfaction rating for their hotel network had improved by 10%, and 99.9% of all connections were successful, without any need for contacting support.

Nevaya’s WiFi product was chosen by QHotels as an attractive solution to improve their network management experience. By installing Nevaya WiFi throughout the 26 locations, each hotel can now control their network bandwidth and gain valuable insights about their network performance and users. The flexibility of Nevaya’s service also provides each hotel the ability to create VLAN networks for conferences on demand.

Following initial consultation, the Nevaya team offered a meticulous survey of each site to ensure perfect, optimum coverage for every single guest-room. Once fully satisfied with the ideal setup, fibre connectivity was then installed for guests to enjoy, whilst also providing a fast and reliable private office network. The high performance network offers 1000Mbps bearer for each individual site.

Nevaya’s WiFi service now provides QHotels the ability to obtain valuable insights about their visitors and network which in turn helps improve marketing, revenue-generating opportunities, daily operations and guest satisfaction. By providing an effective and reliable service, with open support and communications for the team, we are proud have provided QHotels with their network solution, establishing a positive working relationship in the process.


At nevaya we are so confident with our WiFi service, we even display our direct contact support number in every guest-room so that hotel guests may deal with us directly in the unlikely event they ever experience any issues with their network connection.

full feature list

full feature list.

Nevaya Wifi offers a wide range of benefits for you and your guests to enjoy, all within one complete package.

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  • Setup


    Enjoy reliable, innovative connectivity, and fast installation through cloud-based technology.

    Tight hardware integration

    Nevaya WiFi tightly integrates into the Ruckus APs to provide total management and control. See the status of all wireless access points (eg. Ruckus) and switches (HP), signal levels, devices connected per AP etc

    WiFi controlled on site without Ruckus Zone Director

    Enjoy complete control of your WiFi network. Eliminate the costly expense of a Ruckus Zone Director for firmware updates, WiFi network changes and advanced configuration etc

    One global portal for all sites

    Ensure brand continuity and adherence through central management of multiple venues from a single interface, thus minimising costly site visits.

  • Data

    Collect guest details

    Obtain contact details of all users for future marketing purposes.

    Collect information as guests connect

    Learn how to adapt marketing campaigns by surveying your users with specific questions.

    Guest analytics

    Understand how users are connecting to your network. Track usage to maximise targeted marketing campaigns with useful information such as number of users per day, returning guests, device-type, popular sites, data usage.

    Real-time network overview

    Ensure guest requirements are being met with the ability to view how many devices are connected and how bandwidth is being used at any given moment.

    API access

    Integrate your CMS to automatically create new records, update guest information, and conduct advanced searches regarding your users.

    SMS guest authentication (option)

    Be assured guest contact details are accurate by sending SMS with verification code.

  • For conferences

    VLAN on demand for conferences

    Nevaya WiFi lets you instantly deploy a VLAN to a network port or wireless network reducing the cost of on-site visits.

    Deploy new wireless network on demand

    Attract profitable conferences by offering a personalised WiFi network / VLAN with ease (eg HSBC WiFi).

    Control bandwidth per guest device

    Save money on your bandwidth costs whilst ensuring all guests have a consistent WiFi experience.

  • Guest users

    Automatically reconnect when returning

    Enhance user experience with automatic connection for returning guests to your network, regardless of which property they visit.

    PMS integration

    Integrate your PMS for flexible options such as free access for residents (saving bandwidth), or faster access charged directly to room bills.

    Social media promoters

    Boost your online presence by encouraging guests to engage with your social media in exchange for free access at the touch of a button.

    Charge guests for faster connection

    All guests expect free WiFi. We offer the ability to generate revenue by charging guests for a faster connection experience.

    Credit card billing

    Allow guests to purchase premium fast access with their credit card if you don’t have PMS integration.

    Walled garden

    Allow access to certain sites without the need for guests to enter their details eg. special offers or advertising of in-house services.

    RSS feeds

    Display live news and travel feeds as guests connect their device.

    Trial period of fast access

    Encourage users to upgrade to faster connection speeds by offering a 5 minute trial period.

  • Employees

    Multi-level employee access

    Give different employees tiered access to Nevaya WiFi, allowing the entire team to interact with the WiFi system as required.

    Whitelist MAC addresses

    Whitelist employee devices to provide them with improved or restricted bandwidth as required.

  • Support

    Helpdesk portal

    View all support tickets with a full audit trail if your users ever experience any troubleshooting.

    Pro-active issue flagging

    Be alerted to any potential issues before they affect your guests.

    Wi-Fi health monitoring

    View an overview of your network’s health status for complete reassurance and enhanced understanding.

  • Customisation

    Branded welcome portal

    Promote your brand using your logo, colour scheme and photographs.

    Enforce T&Cs

    Ensure guests agree to your terms of use as they connect.

    Content filtering (option)

    Protect your operations and your guests by blocking unwanted/illegal content.

    Availability schedules

    Allow increased bandwidth at certain times of the day, to maximise the efficiency of your network.

    Voucher code access

    Grant higher speed connection to selected guests or conference users via a unique access code.

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